Welcome  to the website of Licking69 association against female circumcision in Egypt.

Let me introduce myself:  Christophe Renard, 48 years old. I am looking for an interested partner to become president of the Licking69 association which aims to make the practice of female circumcision marginal in Egypt.  In fact, around 80 percent of Egyptian women will be circumcise before reaching the age of 50. This tradition dates back to the Pharaohs. This culture of barbarism must be denounced and should be socially marginalized and legally penalized by the local authorities.

The aim for the Licking69 association is to call on international donations to:
- Build and manage the operation of rescue chalets for women who feel threatened through  a planned circumcision by their family
- Organize the flight of these women to real progressive democratic countries if necessary.
- Carry out subsequent prevention with the families concerned, through mediators from the association.
- Lobby the Egyptian Government to penalize the practice and to take coercive economic measures, such as raising taxes for offending families, increasing the wages of women who have not been circumcised through local businesses or by punishing the health workers who practice this type of mutilation.
- Free the voices of the women through organized discussions and contradictory debates on circumcision: psychological and physical pain that it generates and to think about things that can bring empathy to women from men.
- Popularize the latest research in the field of female psychology, emphasizing the difference of femininity with cases of perverse pathological hysteria which can be the origin of this type of intolerant coercion on the part of men. These debates could then give rise to convivial meals or traditional evening dances in order to promote meeting and dialogue between the participants.

If you are interested in taking part in this adventure you may contact me, although some fascist pedophile and murderous fascist governments wish to make me disappear.  In fact, they made me famous all over the world by carrying out from 2003 to 2020 cruel and inhuman rape without limits or even criminal rape, carried out by drugs (ritalin), with hypnosis and posted on the internet.  Like the French government, moreover, before finding a rude doppelganger that served them from 2011 to 2017, genetically cloned me in 2003, the new rulers have the opportunity today and since 2018 to continue to dirty me by reproducing during the day, some practices that only took place at night during my sleep. 

The aim of the authorities is to continue to isolate me and disparage me by making everybody believe - by means of propaganda - that I am like the majority of them a perverse psychopath without limit and duplicates.  The authorities inform me of all their manipulations because they want to push me to suicide.  This will not happen because I know that I always have support - more and more but not necessarily in France, - even if the police have assured me of the murder of any celebrity that I would meet or talk to too much.  For several years I have wanted to file a complaint or publish my story (a book that the authorities have manipulated and rewritten to their liking when they show it, check my blog my blog mediapart.), but all of my efforts have come to nothing.  I forgot for a period that I was actually in an open air concentration camp.  So contact me if you wish and if you are not afraid of the deadly excesses of a totalitarian French-style regime led by mental imbalances for 20 years, which are no less likely than prison or psychiatry if they are exposed.  Already since 1974 GHB was used to rape all people reaching fame - see a case that has ended badly: Mike Brant- and children, now since 2003 it's ritalin, plus hypnosis which allows rape without limit all azimuth - stars, children, protesters - according to the leisure and the defense of the interests of the elites.

Regarding the duplicity of perverts:

2000 he radically displayed against pedophilia (see what he did to me because I wanted to marry a teenager,) while he rapes children daily for years and leaves alone under his mandate individuals who have publicly praised this type of perversity (cohn bendit is always radiant among other things)
2000 to 2007 he broke all the laws by showing to the maximum of people.  
2006 he passed a law to dismiss the president of the republic in case of attack on the interests and principles of the republic.
2003 he ordered that I be cloned.
2004 he passed a law severely punishing human cloning.

The videos which were carried out on me from 2002 were not only intended to dirty me, but to also denigrate me and to push me to suicide but also to make proselytism as regards pedophilia and zoophilia practices that certain people now find normal.  The best thing about these practices is to not give your opinion what I have never done and to remain neutral especially when you know the danger that this represents given the impunity and solidarity of certain politicians.  I just kindly and cordially appointed in 2002 the priests because Chirac wanted to break a pedophile and were relentless on me with his troops of killers. I have another example of a victim of the duplicity of perverts:  The owner of the erotic magazine hustler knew that since the appearance of photography that female nudes and pornography circulated secretly among certain elites.  When he wanted to make it a legal business, he took a sniper bullet in the back.  I just wanted to go out with a teenage girl and create a dating site and not only was I robbed, but they also martyred me. but I understood their motivations recently:

- I refused to become the whore of Julien R.
- some millennial anxieties on the part of my stalkers (year 200 end of the world)
- the anniversary of the birth of Jesus: celebrate this occasion by demolishing a benet.
- my name is fox: hence their desire to give me rage and to film the result (especially suicide I think)

So in fact I realize today that they wanted to kill me from the start and today I am in the same situation as John Lennon in 1980.  I expect to be targeted by a fragile person who is psychologically manipulated by secret service, anytime, anywhere.  Indeed, the latter has the possibility of showing criminal videos of me by highlighting the heroism of acting out towards me, especially since my clone is operational and does anything with anyone anywhere.  But they already did it in Asia when I was drugged on ritalin + hypnosis by showing controversial videos of me. 
In Thailand in 2004, a car had voluntarily hit me once night in the city while I was on a motorbike, at low speed, which was not serious.  But I almost lost my life on another occasion without the intervention of a subject of the king of Thailand.  I did not understand why I was under attack again - because from the moment they raped me I was no longer verbally harassed- and especially of this seriousness.  I learned a little later before leaving Asia, despite the fact that I had a girlfriend and that we had business plans on the spot.

My situation is therefore identical to that of John Lennon in 1980.  He was unaware that he had been filmed during homosexual practices without his knowledge in his home while he was sleeping under GHB.  His murderer saw these videos through secret service which he frequented in Hawaii a year before the murder of John Lennon.  In 1980 homosexuality was still perceived as a criminal deviance especially for certain religious practitioners.  The murderer of John Lennon had been conditioned to make a passage to the heroic act, the elimination of Lennon having been the condition of access to the presidency of Ronald Reagan.  Four months later an American intelligence agent could not bear the death of Lennon and attempted to kill Reagan, with the same procedure as the murderer of Lennon. (dum dum ball for Lennon, devastator for Reagan.)

Macron's goal is to prevent me from expressing myself just like Chirac or Holland because I still haven't had the opportunity to meet the personalities who support me and I still haven't had a trial neither as a victim nor as an accused despite what I have suffered since 2000 and despite the crimes committed by my double and my clone.  My books have also not been published by valid and reliable publishers.  Faced with obscurantism, the arbitrary, the madness of the elites, hatred, anomie and the destruction of all that are alive, there remains only wisdom for martyrs and terrorism for the heroes of freedom of justice and love of life.  Should we drag evil through evil?  I think that's what they're looking for....

Christophe Renard